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Adx.Link review – is a totally free device where you can make short connections, which separated from being free, you get paid! In this way, presently you can profit from home, while overseeing and ensuring your connections.The tally of connections per IP every day is 2 perspectives, you can get advantages of 2 perspectives for each ip. Our base comprises of long periods of involvement with frameworks and we change everything to have a great interface to the client who adapts with us. Network Info:-


 Establish Year




 Network Type

URL Shortner,CPM

 Min. Payment

$5 by PayPal

 Payment Frequency






   Network Name network for Advertisers

Being an advertiser, lets you adapt your “entire” site with this propelled content. It adds a line of code to your site, which leaves advertisements alone appeared to each client who arrives on the site helping you get the same number of impressions and snaps the same number of hits you get. This choice doesn’t hurt your site.


key points:

  • 10% referral bonus
  • Team support
  • Detail stats Network for publishers

The distributers should never again divert from other websites..Being an author you should now not make different records.The sites must not contain any offensive content.The distributers must not utilize bots or programming to control clicks.

Key points:

  • Low minimum payout 
  • Highest rates
  • Easy link

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